SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Activity Type of Cruise (74)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Offshore (geophysical and geological) survey by OSTROM This was part of the survey cruises prospecting for oil potential within the Pacific Region. This particular survey cruise was to collect bathymetric, magnetic and seismic data of the Coriolis rift in Vanuatu (than New Hebrides). The "AUSTRADEC" programme enabled further bathymetric, magnetic, and seismic profiling. Interpretation of results of the survey collected from these cruises was undertaken in 1975 Cruises (C) Cruise 1972
Marine geophysical programme (see Regional Project to determine Ocean Drilling Sites - entry in 1979) Seismic profiling, magnetics, gravity coring, and dredging had been undertaken Cruises (C) Cruise 1977
To support the Noumea Workshop Uncategorised (UC) Cruise 1980
Bathymetric mapping of Vanuatu Island Arc and the Adjacent Deep Seafloor Earlier bathymetry data was collected from the GEOVAN I cruise. However further survey work, including bathymetry mapping of the junction between of spreading axis of North Fiji Basin and the Hunter Ridge. Coastal Processes (CP) Cruise 1983
Marine geological and geophysical investigations of the northern part of the Fiji Plateau, from Samoa to the northern New Hebrides and Santa Cruz Islands With regards to Vanuatu, the RV Coriolis carried out reflection seismic and OBS refraction studies mainly in the Central Basin area and west of Espiritu Santo and Malekula Islands. Cruises (C) Cruise 1982
NOROIT / CYANA (USA) Northen Vanuatu Cruises (C) Cruise 1991
Hakurel-Maru No.2 MMAJ/DORD cruise of the Vanuatu EEZ Cruises (C) Cruise 1994
Cruise on the UNDP Chartered Vessel RV Machias for various purposes The Samoa leg was for hydrocarbons, precious corals, manganese nodules and phosphates. Low density of managanese nodules in the Samoa Basin; samples of coral were recovered but none was of the precious type; beach sand deposit on Upolu Island recommended that sand be dug for construction material for a limited period; two samoan nationals were given on the job training in neashore positioning, satellite navigation, sea-bed sampling, sub-bottom profiling, and seismic profiling aboard the charter vessell. Two Kiribati and one from Tonga as well. Cruises (C) Cruise 1979
Investigation of cobalt enriched crusts in Samoa Waters (Machias Seamount) To establish distribution and metal contents of cobalt-rich crusts, especially those crusts at depths of 1000-2000 m; to establish the nature of the seafloor where they are found; and to establish the economic potential in terms of manganese and cobalt content of crusts in Western Samoan waters. This activity was undertaken during the Tripartite II Cruises on the R/V Moana Wave Cruise 3 Minerals (M) Cruise 1984
Research Cruise of the Research Vessel Hakurei Maru No. 2 As part of the MMAJ Deep Sea Mineralisation Programme, systematic survey for primary exploration of manganese nodules and cobalt rich crusts were carried out in the selected waters of Western Samoa and Cook Islands. RV Hakurei Maru Leg 1 was completed in 1990 where prospecting for the potential of manganese nodules and cobalt crusts. One Samoa national was on board this cruise and was provided hands on practical training Minerals (M) Cruise 1989