SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Activity Type of Mapping (43)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Nearshore detailed bathymetric mapping (continued) Bathymetric Mapping of Apolima Strait, 1:20,000, 4 maps were produced. Coastal Processes (CP) Mapping 1992
Mapping of bathymetry and sediments on South Tarawa Under coastal and nearshore mapping project in Kiribati: Coastal Processes (CP) Mapping 1990
Multibeam Mapping System Imaging of Guam Bays and Apra Harbour To provide the Government of Guam with accurate mapping of the seafloor of Apra Harbour and key bays of Guam. This will enhance the Government's ability to plan and execute dredging and excavation, underwater construction, pipeline-trench profiling, and coastal protection. The acquisition of a new Multibeam Mapping System by SOPAC has provided the capability to provide high quality, high resolution mapping of the coastal seafloor. Guam will need this capability to support future dredging, construction, and coastal protection initiatives. Coastal Processes (CP) Mapping 2000
Costal Geomorphological Map of Savaii Assistance was requested with the production of a coastal geomorphological map of Savai’i, which was noted that this could be carried out in conjunction with the compilation of a volcanic hazards map. Coastal Processes (CP) Mapping 1998
Volcanic Hazard Mapping, Savaii A composite volcanic hazards map of Savai’i was produced. This was produced simultaneous with the Geomorphological map of Savaii. Hazards (H) Mapping 1997
Coastal Geology of Pohnpei Island - Sand & Gravel Resource Mapping SOPAC has recently completed a sand mining/coral dredging study for Pohnpei State. This study indicates that land-based basalt quarrying may be a viable and less environmentally destructive alternative to coral dredging in the lagoon. The feasibility of such quarrying depends in the location, quantity, and quality of the island's geology. This study would provide planners and policy decision makers' information on how to better, utilize both the lagoon-based and land-based resources in a sustainable manner. The objectives were to investigate and report on possible onshore sources of sand & aggregate Coastal Engineering (CE) Mapping 1999
Coastal morphology mapping on Fanning and Washington Islands Under the Baseline studies for coastal development project in Kiribati:The objective of this activity is to carry out coastal morphology mapping of Fanning and Washington Islands. Coastal Processes (CP) Mapping 1990
Baseline mapping of the northern Fongafale - Amatuku Area There are plans to develop a new airport at the northern end of Fongafale and to link Fongafale and Amatuku with a causeway. A baseline stUdy, primarily using airphotos, is required to provide basic information on the geological environment for development and engineering planning. Coastal Processes (CP) Mapping 1991
Mapping of Funafuti Lagoon Compile all information to date and prepare a detailed bathymetric map of Funafuti Lagoon. Data acquired from the survey of Funafuti lagoon with respect to the borrow pit filling pilot project should be incorporated into the map. The final map is to be published. Coastal Processes (CP) Mapping 1991
Bathymetric mapping of seamounts in Tuvaluan area of Northern Melanesian Borderland Bathymetric maps of the Northern Melanesian Borderland area in southern Tuvalu waters are required for resource assessment. Surveys are required to collect data for both detailed contour and images maps. Minerals (M) Mapping