SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Activity Type of Meeting (202)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Continental Shelf Issues Countries like the Solomon Islands felt that the presence and active participation of SOPAC on continental shelf deliberation is requested in light of the approaching deadline, suggesting that the Secretariat use expertise from Australia on this issue." Maritime Boundaries (MB) Meeting 2005
11th Session of the Governing Council of SOPAC (than CCOP/SOPAC) and the Eleventh Session of its Technical Advisory Group (TAG) The 11th Session of SOPAC and its Technical Advisory Group (TAG) was held in Wellington, New Zealand and hosted by the Government of New Zealand. The meeting was attended by member countries of SOPAC with the exception of Samoa who was unable to attend. Guam were also officially welcomed as a member of the CCOP/SOPAC and representation was by Mr W. Fitzerald, Acting Chief, Economic Development and Planning Division, Department of Commerce. Designated National Representative for the Territory of Guam is Mr J. D. McDonald, Director, Department of Commerce. General (G) Meeting 1982
STAR is proposed General (G) Meeting 1983
10th session of SOPAC (than CCOP/SOPAC) and the tenth session of its Technical Advisory Group (TAG) The 10th session of SOPAC (than CCOP/SOPAC) was held at Port Vila, Vanuatu and hosted by the Government of Vanuatu. The session was attended by member countries of SOPAC. STAR - SOPAC's Science, Technology and Resources Network was proposed as a vehicle to assist the international research community to provide advice to SOPAC. General (G) Meeting 1981
Hazard Mapping - Tsunami Aftermath Assistance is sought from the Scretariat to map and assess the effects and extent of the impacts of April 02 earthquake and subsequent tsunami Hazards (H) Meeting 2007
Application for Membership The Niue Representative makes an application on behalf of the Niue Government for their membership with SOPAC. General (G) Meeting 1994
9th Regional Disaster Management Meeting The annual regional disaster managers meeting is a gathering of disaster managers on an annual basis. The ninth Pacific Regional Disaster Management meeting was was hosted by the Government of Niue and held in Niue from 4- 8 September 2000. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Meeting 2000
Second High Level Consultation on Adaptation The meeting was convened to discuss the latest developments in adaptation financing, and to take stock of progress made in mainstreaming adaptation to climate change, extreme events and sea level rise into national economic planning; and to evaluate the feasibility of establishing a regional Adaptation Financing Facility for the Pacific Island region. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Meeting 2002
38th session of the SOPAC Governing Council and its Technical Advisory Group (TAG) The meeting was held in Vanuatu and attended by its member countries. Supporting national organizations Australian Volunteers International, Bureau of Meteorology, GNS Science, IRD, IPGP, JAMSTEC, K AND L GATES, KORDI, Matadrevula Advisory Services, NIWA, Nautilus, NOAA, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Japan Ocean Policy Research Foundation, STAR and Victoria University of Wellington, UH. Three individuals observers from USA, Vanuatu and Australia. General (G) Meeting 2009
Application for Membership to SOPAC (than CCOP/SOPAC) Application for membership of SOPAC by Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia which joined under the existing MOU. General (G) Meeting 1990