SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

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Investigation of the metalliferous mud potential in the active volcanic arc and the back arc of Vanuatu (than New Hebrides) The aim of this project was to sample and analyse sediments in submarine basins adjacent to onshore and near-shore geothermal activity. This is because onshore and nearshore geothermal emanations are known in a number of areas of New Hebrides and their location adjacent to submarine basinal features makes possible a build up of metal-rich concentrations in the seabed sediments. Uncategorised (UC) Project 1978
Metalliferous Sediments - to investigate the metalliferous and mud potential in the active volcanic bark arc basins of vanuatu Earlier cruises (RV Kana Keoki & RV MACHIAS) undertaken recovered hydrothermal iron deposits from a submarine volcano around Epi Island. During those cruises, sampling was done in the Coriolis Trough, Off Epi and Tongoa Islands (Central Vanuatu), and in the Banks Group area (northern Vanuatu). However, given these results, further sampling was undertaken. Minerals (M) Project 1981
Potential for precious coral occurrences in Vanuatu offshore areas (continued) In addition to earlier work of prospecting for the occurrence of precious coral in the offshore areas of Vanuatu, further sampling was planned for late 1980-81 during the RV Machias field programme, for legs 3 & 4 of its cruise. Minerals (M) Project 1980
Offshore seabed mapping The objective of the project is to collect swath mapping data from selected areas to: allow structural analysis and integration with previous back arc research knowledge for assessing the best prospect areas to find massive polymetallic sulphide deposits; determine the regional pattern of fracture zones; identify new areas with potential for commercial fishing. Cruises (C) Project 1987
Data Management With the large volumes of data collected, particularly with regards to the hydrocarbon potential under the Tripartite Programme, necessitated the need to design, construct an archive retrieval and reproduction system for offshore geological and geophysical data to meet Vanuatu's needs. Uncategorised (UC) Project 1983
SUBSO Project SUBSO 1: Ridge / Arc collissions along the New Hebrides arc (Vanuatu); SUBSO II: New Hebrides back arc rifting for microtectonic and micro-morphology observation, hydrothermal deposit research and rock sampling. Uncategorised (UC) Project 1986
Small Scale Wastewater Treatment Project, Tonga The Small Scale Wastewater Treatment (SSWTP) project investigated appropriate wastewater treatment technologies to accommodate small group of dwellings in Tonga. A visit was made to Tonga from the 2nd- 9th March 1999. The visit was part of a series of visits to Pacific Island Countries that participate in the SSWTP. It also provided an opportunity to liase with agencies and projects that work in related areas. Water and Sanitation (WS) Project 1999
Publishing of Circum - Pacific Map Project Published Circum-Pacific Project maps covering the SOPAC area at the time of the 14th Session were the 1:10 M scale Southwest Quadrant Geographic, Base, Plate Tectonic and Geodynamic Naps, 1:17 M Pacific Basin maps on the same themes Minerals (M) Project 1985
SOPACMAPS project (swath mapping project) Mapped areas of north Vanuatu at least as shallow as 500 m and in some areas, especially along the eastern side of Espiritu, Santo, to depths of 200m; debriefing workshops also held at years end; Coastal Processes (CP) Project 1994
Geological Hazards To compile a general inventory of coastal areas, by direct observation and measurement, and the use of aerial photography and satellite images where appropriate; to compile comparable data relative to earthquake and volcanic risk, both in the field, and from past documentation Hazards (H) Project 1988