SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Activity Type of Proposal (110)

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Regional Information Exchange At the 1985 meeting of CCOP/SOPAC and STAR, a need was recognised for the exchange of information, particularly on scheduled research cruises, to fully develop future research programmes in the region. The objectives were: (i) to collect detailed information on planned research cruises from institutions and agencies concerned, as well as from STAR National Contact Points, and disseminate it to interested parties on a regular basis at least once a year, and possibly twice a year; (ii) to compile a list of ongoing and planned marine geology projects in the region, with details of objectives, methodology and participants, and to disseminate it to interested parties; (iii) to prepare up-to-date information on planned research projects/cruises in the region for publication in the CCOP/SOPAC newsletters (iv) to promote a Workshop on Management of Marine Science Data and Information to be convened in the near future. General (G) Proposal 1985
Support to New Caledonia in Intranet/Internet Development SOPAC to provide New Caledonia internet and intranet services in Service des Mines et de l'energie. Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Proposal 1996
Expertise and Guidance of SOPAC with Guam activities 1) Seeking scientific input to decisions on sustainable development and management of limited resources 2) Expertise and guidance of SOPAC with management of potential non-living marine resources 3) Harmonize Guam's "Hazard Mitigation Planning" with the SOPAC coordinated regional efforts in Disaster Risk Reduction and Environmental Vulnerability Assessment. 4) Improvement in monitoring of water quality and plans for improving water supply and waste water disposal infrastructures are top priorities for Guam. Training, advice and plan review coordinated through SOPAC will greatly helpful in this sector 5) The Guam Power Authority is currently developing plans to utilize deep ocean water to provide air-conditioning to over 10,000 hotel rooms and neighboring facilities at Tumon Bay. When implemented, this could save over 3.2million gallons of imported fuel each year. The risks and costs of such a pioneering effort can be lessened with input from SOPAC 6) Coordinating through SOPAC, Guam also may share its special resources such as the experts and facilities of the National Weather Service, the US Geological Service, the University of Guam and others. Human Resources Development (HRD) Proposal 2005
Proposed Schedule and Main Activities for 1977 A visit was scheduled for January(1977) to be undertaken by the Techsec marine geologist to discuss with personnel plans for future offshore surveys. USP was to offer a basic earth science course from May-August in Suva and trainees were invited to attend. Minerals (M) Proposal 1976
A proposal to initiate nearshore mineral resource mapping on Upolu Under the SOPAC (than CCOP/SOPAC) programme of coastal and nearshore mapping on a regional scale with the primary aim of providing a framework within which to identify broad geological patterns and to conduct specific geological and environmental investigations. A proposal was crafted and put forward to the government of Samoa for the coastal and nearshore mapping of Upolu which at that time was most densely populated and had the greatest development pressure. Coastal Processes (CP) Proposal 1986
Water Quality Database for the Marshall Islands Provided attachment to RMIEPA to assist with the design and development of a water quality database for Majuro Atoll. Water and Sanitation (WS) Proposal 1999
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)-SOPAC Energy Efficiency, Auditing & Labelling (4 Pacific Island Countries) To progress the implementation of the 4 PICs' (Samoa, Vanuatu, RMI & Palau) Energy Eefficiency & EC strategies. Energy (E) Proposal 2009
Member Country Water Sector Project Plans In consultation with member countries, SOPAC's water and sanitation unit were tasked with preparing project proposals to improve sector performance and delivery of water and sanitation services. Water and Sanitation (WS) Proposal 1995
Ocean/ Wave Energy Assesment The proposal was aimed at determining the ocean / wave potential in Tuvalu. Project remains uncompleted. Energy (E) Proposal 2001
Swath mapping of Guam's EEZ Continuing discussions with USGS for a GLORIA survey for Guam's EEZ. A proposal by the US Geological Survey to map the EEZ of Guam within the next few years, using GLORIA side scan equipment modified to provide bathymetric data as well as seafloor imagery,would provide a very useful basis for further study and investigation of the offshore resource potential, especially for cobalt enriched manganese crusts, hydrothermal sulfide deposits, and precious corals. Although it is proposed for 1992, no ship schedule has yet been set. Coastal Processes (CP) Proposal 1991