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SOPAC Compendium Project
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Listing Projects - Activity Type of Seminar (14)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Minerals Development Minerals Development Seminar - In-country seminars to discuss with the community the rights of landowners and the process of exploration has been sought by Vanuatu. Minerals (M) Seminar 1998
In-Country Mineral Seminars To discuss with the community the rights of the landowners and the process of exploration as to correct the misconception that landowners have of mining companies often accusing them of stealing when taking samples for analysis Minerals (M) Seminar 1999
Human Resource Development Program In-country Seminars,usually of no more than one week duration, will be held in five countries during 1995, with two related to basic earth science ( Federated States of Micronesia ,Western Samoa ), and three related to coastal processes and coastal geology (Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Western Samoa). Human Resources Development (HRD) Seminar 1995
Seminar on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III) A seminar on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III) was held in the Conference Centre of the Forum Secretariat in Suva, Fiji on the 27 September 1995 . The seminar was held prior to the 1995 SOPAC Annual Session and was a result of a recommendation of the workshop " Seafloor mapping in the West and Southwest Pacific"in Noumea, New Caledonia 4-9 November 1994. The seminar was divided into two parts: (1) presentation by invited speakers (2)a panel discussion of the issues arising from the presentation. General (G) Seminar 1995
Tuvalu In-Country Seminar on Beach Monitoring An in-country seminar on beach monitoring was held in the conference room at the new Vaiaku Lagi Hotel, Funafuti, Tuvalu from 24-28 January 1994. During the seminar, nineteen beach profiles were re-established along the lagoon side of Fongafale. The Seminar was led by Russell Howorth, SOPAC Training Coordinator and Phil Woodward, SOPAC Chief Cartographer. Hazards (H) Seminar 1994
In-country seminar in basic earth science/coastal processes and coastal geology A re-survey of the beach profiles along the Mulinu'u and across the Cyclone Ofa coral banks was carried out by most of the participants of the December 1993 Coastal Monitoring Seminar. Human Resources Development (HRD) Seminar 1994
Coastal Zone Management Seminar To conduct an-incountry seminar on coastal zone management in Samoa on Coastal Processes, coastal engineering and sand and gravel resource management Coastal Processes (CP) Seminar 1993
The Mining Industry in Papua New Guinea Status and New Developments Mining development status were discussed from the time the first minerals ( gold ) were discovered and the development that took place in the country afterwards Minerals (M) Seminar 1998
Seminar on the results of the study: Seismic zonation of Suva Central City and simulation of Tsunami Risk in the Harbour To identify and determine the seismic risks in the Suva region and to model the propagation of a would be tsunami in Suva Harbour, in order to allow the Fiji Government and the Suva City Council to take protection and prevention measures. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Seminar 2000
Kiribati in-country seminar on beach monitoring, 1995 The activity was carried out from 22-26 January. Objectives carried out under this activity were: (1) An in-country seminar on beach monitoring in Tarawa. A total of eleven technical officers attended from three ministries and two urban councils. (2) During the seminar, ten beach profile monitoring sites were established around Bikenibeu (3) Training was provided for I-Kiribati nationals to ensure that monitoring continued at no less than six-monthly intervals (4) The beach profile monitoring data was stored on computer at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Development for analysis and comparison with later data collected. (5) Data from previous beach monitoring ongoing since 1982 around Betio and Bairiki were reviewed. Coastal Processes (CP) Seminar 1995