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SOPAC Compendium Project
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Listing Projects - Activity Type of Technical Review (73)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Review of site availability for final effluent disposal This study is the result o-f a survey conducted in Port Vila Harbour in 1983 that indicated the necessity -for liquid waste disposal facilities to serve greater Port Vila. A study was conducted in Mele Bay in 1984 to locate favorable ocean outfall sites, and several locations were evaluated. The general area identifies as Station VI in the 1985 study has now been proposed as the more favorable location for serving Port Vila Harbour and Erakor Lagoons area. The present survey was conducted to develop baseline data on the water quality, hydraulic characteristics, and bottom profile along a possible submarine discharge pipeline route at Station VI in Mele Bay. The selected site could serve both the harbour area and the lagoons area that are separated by a high ridge. The station is located in Mele Bay at the end of that ridge on the Pango Peninsula. Water and Sanitation (WS) Technical Review 1985
National Energy Policy Review Vanuatu, requested the SOPAC Secretariat to complete the review of their National Energy and Rural Electrification Policy by November so that it could be tabled in parliament before the end of the year. Energy (E) Technical Review 2000
Review of the Hydrological Monitoring Operations on Babeldaob, Palau SOPAC undertook a review of the hydrological monitoring operations on the main island of Babeldaob that was carried out by the USGS prior to 2005. The main objective of Phase 1 of this project is to ascertain how best to reinstate a river flow and rainfall monitoring programme, identify what equipment is needed and to recommend which agency can best carry out the on-going work. This activity was delivered under KRA2 (water & sanitation) of the SOPAC EDF9 Project. Technical expertise and support was provided by HYCOS to set up a hydrological monitoring network for measurement of water quantity. Water and Sanitation (WS) Technical Review 2007
Institutional Woodstoves, Tonga To carry out an evaluation of the institutional woodstoves project and to provide recommendations as to the future direction of SOPAC's assistance in this area. Energy (E) Technical Review 2000
Review interpretation of the Cape Vogel Basin data Interpretation of released seismic data from the Cape Vogel Basin had indicated a DH1 (Director Hydrocarbon Indication) anomaly. This anomaly was noticed on seismic lines shot over the Buna structure. Assistance in a review, with Petroleum Branch geophysicist, of the interpetation of seismic line over the DH1 was thus required. Data Management (DM) Technical Review 1992
Technical Assistance to Tonga's Energy Sector SOPAC Energy Unit staff visited and provided technical assistance to Tonga on general energy sector program activities. This included assistance in energy planning and management, policy development, energy database, energy efficiency and conservation. Energy (E) Technical Review 1999
Review of Niue's National Disaster Plans and Emergency response and communication needs The purpose of this task was to review the Niue national disaster management arrangements and develop an action plan for improvement of its operations. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Technical Review 2004
Review of black coral potential Very little is known about the distribution, quantity and quality and potential for development for black coral, given that it occurs in Samoan waters and therefore the need to carry out a field programme to investigate its present use and sources Minerals (M) Technical Review 1989
Review of Corallium Potential While its been established that pink coral, Corallium is found in Samoa in earlier bathymetric work, good quality bathymetry work was undertaken to than enable the identification of new targets for dredging if the bathymetry maps indicate so. Minerals (M) Technical Review 1989
Regional Coastal Protection Review Map in detail selected coastal types undergoing change especially eroding beaches and associated coastal processes, to define coastal vulnerability and to establish appropriate response strategies. Areas to be mapped will include coasts in Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Western Samoa. Coastal Processes (CP) Technical Review 1994