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Listing Projects - Category of Aggregates (A) (88)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Sand and Gravel Survey A survey for sand and gravel was carried out in Rarotonga Harbour but volume was not determined. Suitability for aggregate is being studied as well. Aggregates (A) Activity/Task 1980
Assessment of Lagoon Aggregate Resources Upolu A SOPAC- study on aggregate resources of Vaiusu Bay, Upolu was completed some years ago along with coastal mapping of the whole island. A resurvey of the island and an assessment of mining activities has been requested. Aggregates (A) Assessment 2000
Aggregate Dredging and Proposed Plan of Action for Offshore Aggregate Extraction in Tongatapu The proposed action plan for offshore aggregates extraction for Tongatapu explains the current dredging operations in Tongatapu, presents the results of the sediment analysis for the samples collected from the dredge sites and provides detail of activities that are envisaged to improve dredging operations in Tonga. The plan aims to improve the overall operation, the proper management of various arms of the operation and to ensure dredging is viable and environmentally friendly. Aggregates (A) Report 2005
Household Aggregate Mining on Funafuti The study was conducted as part of the European Union funded project " Reducing Vulnerability in Pacific ACP States". The Government of Tuvalu will determine whether to re-examine lagoon dredging as an environmentally sustainable alternative source of aggregate. A household survey was carried out across Fongafale to assess: (1) the type and amount of aggregate (sand, gravel, rocks and shells) collected by households; (2) the purpose of extraction (domestic use, sale, etc.); (3) the location of extraction (coast, inland); and (4) management issues. The extent of aggregate mining on Fongafale is substantial, with 53% of households interviewed stating that they mined from their own land, other land, or the foreshores. Aggregates (A) Study 2008
Guidelines for Aggregate Extraction North of Tongatapu: EU EDF8 - SOPAC Project The overall aim of these guidelines are to assist Tonga in identifying adequate and usable supply of aggregates while ensuring the minimization of environmental impacts and the efficient use of resources. The report was prepared in consultation with appropriate experts at SOPAC and key stakeholders in Tonga as part of the SOPAC- EU- EDF8 Project on vulnerability reduction in the Pacific States. Aggregates (A) Report 2005
Assessment of Marine Aggregate Resources & Sand Mining in Vava'u Objectives of the survey were to: (1) determine alternative locations, extent and nature of offshore resources; (2) develop baseline data of potential resources; (3) assess impacts of baseline current aggregate source areas & (4) advise on alternative resources. Aggregates (A) Survey 1998
Assessment of Alternate Aggregate Resources, Majuro Lagoon Work to date has delineated several resources of sand and gravel within a 15 kilometre radius of Delap, Uliga and Darriet DUD the main urban centre of Majuro. As yet no resources have been identified in Laura some 30 kilometre from Western Majuro. With major road construction works being implemented under external funding in the future additional resources in the west are required and SOPAC assistance in identifying such resources has been requested. Aggregates (A) Assessment 1998
Geophysical Surveys for Marine Sand Resources, Nukufetau & Vaitupu To conduct geophysical surveys to identify marine sand resources. Beach and nearshore mining have been the main source of sand and aggregate for infrastructure development. These mining activities have resulted in coastal erosion and beachfront damage and as such are of great concern thus alternative sources are required if national infrastructure development is to be sustained. Aggregates (A) Survey 2000
Economic Analysis of Aggregate Mining on Tarawa This activity was carried out under the EU EDF 8 – SOPAC Project: Reducing Vulnerability of Pacific ACP States. The report was produced in March 2007. SOPAC’s work in Kiribati under the project included assessment of coastal erosion and risk associated with the extraction of coastal aggregate (sand, gravel, rock and shell) for construction and reclamation. Government was concerned about the impact of this persistent and growing activity, particularly its impact on coastal erosion and the risk of increased vulnerability to flooding. Future erosion was likely to increase through the effect of global warming and climate change. The problem was pronounced in South Tarawa where aggregate extraction is most concentrated. Aggregates (A) Study 2007
Aggregate Resource Surveys Collect, collate and assess information on aggregate deposits, prepare integrated maps for resource management, and identify alternative sites where mining would be more friendly to the environment and sustainable. Aggregates (A) Assessment 1995