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SOPAC Compendium Project
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Listing Projects - Category of Coastal Engineering (CE) (29)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Coastal Development - Coastal Engineering To define quantitatively the movement and exchange of water masses in coastal and nearshore areas to provide information for coastal engineering projects. Coastal Engineering (CE) Survey 1987
Coastal Engineering [Tripartite Cruises] Coastal engineering surveys were carried out in Kiribati, Samoa and Papua New Guinea. Data was collected to assist development of a deepwater berthing facility and construction of a causeway on Tarawa and assist with improvements ot Mulifanua and Salelologa harbours in Samoa. As such, bathymetric and sediment sampling programmes were undertaken at Mulifanua Harbour, Upolu Islands and Salelologa Harbour, Savaii Island Coastal Engineering (CE) Survey 1982
Coastal Engineering Studies in Apia Harbour and Mulinu'u Peninsula area, including coastal protection design A study to assist with coastal protection work. A coastal erosion study was undertaken and a bathymetric survey conducted and completed whereby it was concluded that removal of a few small topographic highs would increase harbour depths to greater than 7.5m. In addition it was found that the harbour would have to be deepened both at the entrance and wharf to accommodate vessels drawing more than 7m Coastal Engineering (CE) Study 1983
Coastal Engineering Coastal Engineering Surveys had been carried out in South Tarawa to provide data for the construction of a deep water ship berthing facility and to the proposed dredging of fill material from the lagoon for causeway construction. Coastal Engineering (CE) Survey 1982
Concrete in Tropical Environments Workshop Representative from ten member countries attended the Concrete in Tropical Environments Workshop held in Fiji between 28 - 31 October, 1991. Coastal Engineering (CE) Workshop 1991
Sea bed survey and oceanographic study A nearshore activity that was carried out in connection with the WHO sewage outfall project in Rarotonga. This involved seismic profiling and sea bed sampling for the construction materials aswell. Coastal Engineering (CE) Activity/Task 1978
Baseline environmental surveys of beach, inshore, and nearshore areas for coastal erosion and coastal engineering studies Baseline environmental studies of near shore areas, with special reference to coastal erosion and to aid coastal engineering. Rapid development associated with the expansion of the tourist industry is planned for several areas along the coastal areas of Guam. The main objective is to compile information from previous studies to establish long term management guidelines to improve commercial facilities and prevent costly problems from soil erosion. Coastal Engineering (CE) Study 1982
Coastal Geology of Pohnpei Island - Sand & Gravel Resource Mapping SOPAC has recently completed a sand mining/coral dredging study for Pohnpei State. This study indicates that land-based basalt quarrying may be a viable and less environmentally destructive alternative to coral dredging in the lagoon. The feasibility of such quarrying depends in the location, quantity, and quality of the island's geology. This study would provide planners and policy decision makers' information on how to better, utilize both the lagoon-based and land-based resources in a sustainable manner. The objectives were to investigate and report on possible onshore sources of sand & aggregate Coastal Engineering (CE) Mapping 1999
Onshore Quarry Site Identification on Pohnpei Identification of an onshore quarry site or sites, on Pohnpei Island, Pohnpei State, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) for construction aggregate supply.Key tasks identified to fulfill the project objectives are as follows:Identify a possible site or sites, on Pohnpei Island, FSM, for quarry development, and identify logistics for opening a quarry; Develop operational guideline for quarry operations; closure procedures for rehabilitation of sites, upon completion of quarry operation. Coastal Engineering (CE) Assessment 2004
Coastal Engineering: Baseline Oceanography data collection and analysis Lungga, Solomon Islands "This work was undertaken as a part of the CCOP/SOPAC Work Programme CCSP/SI.17 (inshore studies related to coastal development) in co-operation with the South Pacific Regional Environmental Programme (SPREP) and their environmental studies in the Honiara area. " Coastal Engineering (CE) Study 1986