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SOPAC Compendium Project
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Listing Projects - Category of Coastal Processes (CP) (526)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Coastal Management - Baseline Study Study of the coastal zone in the Port Vila area in order to provide physical baseline data relevant to the development of the coastal zone Coastal Processes (CP) Study 1983
Coastal Development and Management - Feasability Study for Causeway Improvements, Majuro Infrastructure development is fast growing thus a need for an engineering study project to be conducted to investigate the opening up of filled in causeway in Majuro to improve circulation of lagoon water. Marshall Islands have not yet been informed officially by SOPAC and would appreciate feedback on the status of the project. Coastal Processes (CP) Activity/Task 1993
Implementation of an Interactive Graphical Ocean Database for CTD and Future ADCP Profile Data An interactive database to support data collection, reduction display, analysis and archiving CTD data was implemented during a workshop in July. As there is archive data from a number of past projects which could be moved over into the database and allow for better data access. A second phase to complete this archiving of old datasets and the inclusion of current data from ADCP and VACM is planned. For Tuvalu, Kiribati, Marshall Islands and Fiji Islands, SOPAC will continue its collaborative project with the Victoria University of Wellington directed at understanding the biological aspects of carbonate sediment budgets. In addition the preparation of a booklet similar to Coasts of Pacific Islands entitled "Pacific Islands and Carbonate Sediments", was planned. Coastal Processes (CP) Activity/Task 1999
Nearshore bathymetric mapping, Vanuatu Nearshore bathymetric mapping - Compile all available bathymetric data, especially multibeam data, from nearshore areas in Vanuatu, to show depths to 1000 metres for planning and development of deepwater fisheries. Coastal Processes (CP) Map/Chart 1994
Bathymetric mapping of Vanuatu Island Arc and the Adjacent Deep Seafloor Earlier bathymetry data was collected from the GEOVAN I cruise. However further survey work, including bathymetry mapping of the junction between of spreading axis of North Fiji Basin and the Hunter Ridge. Coastal Processes (CP) Cruise 1983
Bathymetric Mapping of Vanuatu Island Arc and the Adjacent Deep Sea floor Data collected on the survey cruise of the RV S.P Lee together with data collected from the Geovan 1 cruise were compiled to update the Bathymetric Map of Vanuatu. This, alongside bathymetric data collected on the ORSTOM cruises in 1981. Coastal Processes (CP) Activity/Task 1982
Coastal Mapping Technique Workshop, Tonga Nationals of Vanuatu participated in a Coastal Mapping Technique Workshop held in Tonga. Coastal Processes (CP) Training 1984
Baseline studies of Inshore areas in Vanuatu for Coastal Development Programmes A number of tasks were initiated under this activity. However priority was given to baseline engineering studies in Mele Bay to assist with the selection of possible waste water outfall site and for preliminary design of the facility; assessment of cyclone and earthquake risk along Vila Harbour shoreline; baseline studies in North East Efate in connection with geothermal energy developments. Coastal Processes (CP) Study 1983
Coastal Mapping - Aerial Photo Survey of Majuro Maps produced from survey of coastal zones are of value to the planning and coastal resource inventories. The implementation of high resolution photography survey of Majuro, Marshall Islands was delayed as no suitable aircraft is available for hire. Coastal Processes (CP) Activity/Task 1993
Site evaluation for an ocean waste disposal outfall for Port Villa This study is the result o-f a survey conducted in Port Vila Harbour in 1983 that indicated the necessity -for liquid waste disposal facilities to serve greater Port Vila. A study was conducted in Mele Bay in 1984 to locate favorable ocean outfall sites, and several locations were evaluated. The general area identifies as Station VI in the 1985 study has now been proposed as the more favorable location for serving Port Vila Harbour and Erakor Lagoons area. The present survey was conducted to develop baseline data on the water quality, hydraulic characteristics, and bottom profile along a possible submarine discharge pipeline route at Station VI in Mele Bay. The selected site could serve both the harbour area and the lagoons area that are separated by a high ridge. The station is located in Mele Bay at the end of that ridge on the Pango Peninsula. Coastal Processes (CP) Study 1984