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SOPAC Compendium Project
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Listing Projects - Category of Data Management (DM) (88)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Data Management Substantial new data on the offshore areas of Vanuatu from the Tripartite Cruises necessitated the need for this activity given the volume of data and the fragile nature of some of it. Thus a protective archival system with rapid retrieval and reproduction capabilities was produced under this activity. In addition to the design and construct of the system, ni-Vanuatu's were also trained in the operation of the system and in process of disseminating data from it. Data Management (DM) Activity/Task 1982
Data Management Discussions with the technical secretariat for system of data storage, maintenance and retrieval of offshore geological and marine data of Vanuatu Data Management (DM) Technical Assistance 1986
Sissano Tsunami, Inshore and Lagoon Mapping Investigations, Papua New Guinea The objectives of the investigations were to complete shallow swath mapping and seismic surveys of the 0-200 m shelf area seaward of Sissano lagoon; Mapping bathymetry and sediments of Sissano lagoon and completing a range of sampling and coring programs. The data acquired on the two JAMSTEC/SOPAC surveys offshore of north PNG show that additional swath bathymetry and seismic reflection data was then required in water depths of less than 200 metres. The JAMSTEC vessels used during the surveys could only work in water depths greater than 200 metres and additional data was then needed as close inshore as possible.The data acquired was to be used to determine whether a nearshore sediment slide contributed to the tsunami of July 1998 and to assess the influence of the shallow water morphology on the focusing of the tsunami. From the new bathymetric data, computer modellers will be able to determine the focusing of the tsunami wave as it passed through shallow water. Data Management (DM) Survey 2001
Publication, Editing and Printing Publication and Editing of Minerals Review - to edit and publish a minerals review of Vanuatu, likely to be published in two volumes. Printing of Minerals Occurrence Map of Vanuatu Data Management (DM) Activity/Task 1997
Assessment and Re-organisation of Department of Geology & Rural Water Supply Library Provide assistance with re-organising the Vanuatu Department of Lands, Geology, Mines and Water Resources Library collection. Assess library collection, re-organise collection, and provided training to staff responsible for library material. Updated Library database set up during 1991 and 1995. Data Management (DM) Technical Assistance 2000
Review interpretation of the Cape Vogel Basin data Interpretation of released seismic data from the Cape Vogel Basin had indicated a DH1 (Director Hydrocarbon Indication) anomaly. This anomaly was noticed on seismic lines shot over the Buna structure. Assistance in a review, with Petroleum Branch geophysicist, of the interpetation of seismic line over the DH1 was thus required. Data Management (DM) Technical Review 1992
Establish a data management system for storage and retrieval of resource data and information To design and set up an archive storage, retrieval, and reproduction system for marine geological, geophysical data, and general oceanographic data from Samoan waters that will meet Samoa's needs; and to train Samoans to operate the system. In addition, this activity assisted in the development of Samoa's marine resources and use of the marine environment Data Management (DM) Technical Assistance 1984
Improvement of library facilities at Apia Observatory Assistance was provided to the Apia Observatory on ways of improving and upgrading its library facilities, to assist in making these improvements, and to train Observatory staff in its use. The task was deferred temporarily due to extensive damage to the Apia Observatory from Cyclone Ofa. Deferred until 1997 Data Management (DM) Technical Assistance 1990
Seabed Mapping - GLORIA Survey To image (bathymetry) using the GLORIA system the EEZ's of Guam and FSM. Data Management (DM) Imagery 1992
Technical information dissemination Assistance is required to build up a library collection of documents relating to marine non-living resources and other related earth science topics, especially information on the marine geological environment. Data Management (DM) Technical Assistance 1991