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SOPAC Compendium Project
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Listing Projects - Category of Energy (E) (570)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Feasibility Study – Coconut Oil as a Bio-fuel To determine the feasibility of using coconut oil as a fuel substitute. Energy (E) Study 2003
Diversification of Nauru's Cooking Fuels To demonstrate in the domestic sector of Nauru that LPG is an equally convenient energy source for cooking as electricity, but a cheaper energy source. Energy (E) Technical Assistance 2000
Energy mission to the Federated States of Micronesia and the 12th pacific power association conference and trade exhibition in Palau FSM National Government, the Pohnpei State Energy Office and the Pohnpei Utility Corporation discussed on energy activities particularly on the formulation of a national energy policy. Energy (E) Conference/Forum 2003
Geology and Geochemistry Phase one of a geothermal and pre-feasibility study on Efate Island has been completed and complementary study to ascertain comparative costs of electricity supply to Vila has been undertaken Energy (E) 1983
Follow- up Assistance to Tonga's Solar Utilities Assistance was provided to Tonga in respect to the improved operation, management, financial and maintenance aspects necessary for the sustainable development of their solar utilities. Energy (E) Technical Assistance 1999
Pacific Energy and Gender Network Regional Strategic Planning Workshop The Pacific Energy and Gender Network (PEG) Regional Strategic Planning Workshop convened in Tonga from 16 – 17 April 2009 was to present the report on the review of the Pacific Energy and Gender Network Strategic Action Plan (PEGSAP) 2006 – 2008 and to discuss, contribute, adopt and endorse the PEGSAP 2009 – 2014. Energy (E) Workshop 2009
Coastal Development - Renewable Energy To collect data on waves and potential ocean thermal sites to assist with the assessment and development of appropriate forms of renewable energy Energy (E) Technical Assistance 1987
Solar Hot Water Efficiency Monitoring This project was established in Tonga and Fiji to measure and compare the actual in service efficiency of imported and locally constructed solar hot water systems against the manufacturer's specifications. This activity has been implemented following the preparation of an economic template, which provides a cost comparison based on per cubic metre of hot water available from either solar, LPG or electrical water heaters in domestic service. Energy (E) Assessment 1998
Training Workshop on Wind Data Analysis Two training workshops on wind data analysis were convened in the Fiji Islands. Participation at the workshops was from Fiji Department of Energy and from the Tonga Energy Office as part of a wider focused energy training attachment. Energy (E) Training 1999
Ocean Energy To complete wave rider, temperature and other appropriate studies, to determine the feasibility, and potential effectiveness and economic value, of wave and OTEC energy projects at appropriate localities in the seas around Vanuatu. Energy (E) Project 1988