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Earth Science and Marine Geology Training Course at USP This course was a six-week training course held at the Institute of marine Resources, University of the South Pacific from January - February 1984. The course is in line with the recommendations of the 9th Annual Session of SOPAC (than CCOP/SOPAC) for it to be a co-joint course between the University of the South Pacific and Victoria University of Wellington. Human Resources Development (HRD) Training 1984
Earth Science and Marine Geology Training Programme Core Training Programme offered by CCOP/SOPAC Human Resources Development (HRD) Programme 1986
Workshop of Volcanic Hazards and Emergency Management A workshop for volcanologists and disaster managers to consider steps for strengthening volcano surveillance, volcanic hazards assessment, and emergency management capabilities in Pacific Island Countries Human Resources Development (HRD) Workshop 1997
Damage and Needs Assessment Training Course The training package was developed to bring uniformity in the method for assessing damage and needs in Pacific Island Countries. The need for this course was identified by all PICs and confirmed by the regional training advisory group. SPDRP started developing some material and tested it out in several countries Human Resources Development (HRD) Training 2000
Expertise and Guidance of SOPAC with Guam activities 1) Seeking scientific input to decisions on sustainable development and management of limited resources 2) Expertise and guidance of SOPAC with management of potential non-living marine resources 3) Harmonize Guam's "Hazard Mitigation Planning" with the SOPAC coordinated regional efforts in Disaster Risk Reduction and Environmental Vulnerability Assessment. 4) Improvement in monitoring of water quality and plans for improving water supply and waste water disposal infrastructures are top priorities for Guam. Training, advice and plan review coordinated through SOPAC will greatly helpful in this sector 5) The Guam Power Authority is currently developing plans to utilize deep ocean water to provide air-conditioning to over 10,000 hotel rooms and neighboring facilities at Tumon Bay. When implemented, this could save over 3.2million gallons of imported fuel each year. The risks and costs of such a pioneering effort can be lessened with input from SOPAC 6) Coordinating through SOPAC, Guam also may share its special resources such as the experts and facilities of the National Weather Service, the US Geological Service, the University of Guam and others. Human Resources Development (HRD) Proposal 2005
Earth Science Course (Training Programme) Second level Earth Science Training Programme, Course 1; Earth Materials, and Course IV: Geology and Development Programmes. The six week course was a mixture of pratical field survey methods, including an introduction to nearshore marine work, labouratory practice and classroom studies Human Resources Development (HRD) Training 1980
Human Resource Development Program In-country Seminars,usually of no more than one week duration, will be held in five countries during 1995, with two related to basic earth science ( Federated States of Micronesia ,Western Samoa ), and three related to coastal processes and coastal geology (Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Western Samoa). Human Resources Development (HRD) Seminar 1995
Training Training provided to 2 nationals from Kiribati, 2 from Samoa and one from Tonga on near shore positioning, satellite navigation, sea bed sampling, sub-bottom profiling and seismic profiling aboard UNDP Project charter vessel. Human Resources Development (HRD) Training 1980
Training On-the-job training was made available on last 2 cruises of R/V MACHIAS. Trainees were taught hands on operation of oceanographic, geophysical and navigational equipment. 13 trainees from 5 countries participated and gained experience in areas of expertise not available in their countries. A Kiribati candidate was funded to undertake Basic Earth Science Course. Exposed individuals have expressed interest to further knowledge and experience in Earth Science field and extend benefits already gained. Human Resources Development (HRD) Training 1981
SOPAC Fellowship Scheme (Phase 2) The SOPAC Fellowship Scheme began with ICOD funding in August 1987, and the 1st phase ended in December 1989. The second phase (ICOD Project 890319) of the SOPAC fellowship Scheme funded by ICOD began in March 1990 as a three year continuing programme. During 1990, twenty fellowships were awarded covering eight of the twelve island member countries during the period March to December. The purpose of each fellowship was to permit member country nationals to be attached to the SOPAC Technical Secretariat to receive on-the-job training while working with the Techsec professional staff on elements of the work programme pertaining to the recipients country. Human Resources Development (HRD) Training 1990