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SOPAC Compendium Project
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TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Training Activity on Board R/V MACHIAS During January/ February 1980, a Tongan national was invited to participate as a trainee on board r.v. Machias on project CCSP-1/TG.3 (Survey of nearshore areas for precious coral occurrence). The survey was under the leadership of Dr John Halunen of the Project Office in Suva. The survey was aimed at locating sites with precious coral types and to determine their quantity together with their related quality. Mineral (M) Training 1980
Insular Phosphate Investigation This project was done to carry out investigation on the Insular phosphate deposits of the Cook Islands. Results of the investigation of Insular phosphates for Pukapuka and Rakahanga continued into 1988. The final report for Aitutaki drilling programme has been completed. The results show that there are no extensive phosphate deposits. Mineral (M) Project 1987
Report on deepsea mineral exploration in Papua New/Solomon Islands A relationship between submarine hydrothermal deposit and onland hydrothermal deposit were discussed before. It was an interesting fact that Misima mine was located on the extended fault line in the Woodlark Basin. The PNG, Solomon, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga belt in the South Pacific is a high mineral potential zone. For mineral exploration, the relationship between onland deposit and offshore deposit should be looked at more closely. Mineral (M) Report 1995
Seismic Profiling and Bottom Sampling between Northern New Caledonia and Ontong Java Plateau To map the d'Entrecasteaux fracture zone, collect rock samples from the ocean floor and determine their age, ascertain the age and character of the ocean floor and study a NE-SW lineament south of Indispensable Reef between the Australian and Pacific plates. This project was defined in the 3rd Annual Session followed by ORSTOM cruises in 1974 and 1975 and is under revision. Mineral (M) Activity/Task 1979
Offshore Mineral Studies A synthesis of existing manganese nodule data for the Cook Islands and Kiribati EEZ's was recommended that it should be completed so that quality prospective informations are made available to the deep sea mining community. Mineral (M) Project 1991
Deepsea mineral resources cruises attendance at the MMAJ forum 93 and offshore Australia 93 Meeting for Japan/SOPAC Deepsea mineral resources Phase-Ill and onshore mineral resources 2. Explain SOPAC and its activities and exchange information about SOPAC programs. 3. Exchange information on the trends of mining technology and mining industry. 4. Collect some information materials. exploration program with the Executive Director of MMAJ. Mineral (M) Meeting 1993
Workshop on Deep-Sea Research & Mineral Exploration Onboard RV Sonne (S067- Leg 2) The SOPAC workshop on Deep-sea Research and Mineral Exploration was held onboard the RV Sonne from 18- 28th March and at the conference room of the Ramanlal Hotel in Nuku'alofa, Tonga from 28 - 31st March 1990. The objective of the cruise was to enable island member country nationals to become acquainted with techniques and equipment used in deep-sea research and mineral exploration and in particular, equipment used on the RV Sonne. There were eight participants onboard the RV Sonne and nine participants at the Nuku'alofa workshop; they were from eight countries in the region: Fiji (2), Tuvalu, Cook Islands, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Western Samoa and Solomon Islands. Mineral (M) Workshop 1990
Offshore Mineral Policy Workshop A primary goal of the Offshore Mineral Policy Workshop was to comment on and give international expert input into the Greenpaper on Offshore Mining Policy (Greenpaper) that had been developed by the PNG government inter-agency committee. Through daily presentations and working group meetings covering all major issues concerning offshore mining a revised Greenpaper was finalised at the end of the week. Recommendations put forward by the workshop were also agreed to.. Mineral (M) Workshop 1999
Establish and Maintain a Regional Deep-sea Minerals Database To use Japan International Cooperation Assistance [JICA] technical assistance to develop and expand the deep-sea mineral database for SOPAC member countries. Mineral (M) Activity/Task 2002