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Listing Projects - Category of Minerals (M) (447)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Investigation of Precious Corals Including Corallium and Black Corals An investigation of the Corallium and Black Corals potential of the Tuvalu area was proposed at the 13th Annual Session of the SOPAC Governing Council. In order to do so, it was recommended that there be a compilation and review of all bathymetric data should be preceded by dredging, underwater photography and scuba diving surveys. The compilation and reviewing of existing geological data was completed. Minerals (M) Assessment 1985
Manganese Nodules Sampling Manganese Nodules sampling in Ellice Basin was undertaken on the RV Moana Wave. Minerals (M) Survey 1985
To determine the potential for precious coral occurrences in New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) offshore At the time of this activity, there was nothing known about the presence or absence of precious corals in the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) offshore areas. The conditions required for their growth is 200 - 500 metre depths, 0-3 knot currents, and hard sea-bottom conditions with minimal sediment supply - conditions which identified within the offshore areas of Vanuatu. The aim of this activity was therefore to locate beds of precious coral. Minerals (M) Activity/Task 1978
Metalliferous Sediments - to investigate the metalliferous and mud potential in the active volcanic bark arc basins of vanuatu Earlier cruises (RV Kana Keoki & RV MACHIAS) undertaken recovered hydrothermal iron deposits from a submarine volcano around Epi Island. During those cruises, sampling was done in the Coriolis Trough, Off Epi and Tongoa Islands (Central Vanuatu), and in the Banks Group area (northern Vanuatu). However, given these results, further sampling was undertaken. Minerals (M) Project 1981
Potential for precious coral occurrences in Vanuatu offshore areas (continued) In addition to earlier work of prospecting for the occurrence of precious coral in the offshore areas of Vanuatu, further sampling was planned for late 1980-81 during the RV Machias field programme, for legs 3 & 4 of its cruise. Minerals (M) Project 1980
Investigation of the suitability of clay deposits for the manufacture of pottery, bricks, or tiles To find clay in the soils of Vanuatu suitable for making pottery or bricks, or tiles on Efate, Santo, Epi and other islands; to assess the quantity and quality of the clay. The investigations were requested of SOPAC due to a recent addition of ash with appreciable contents of silt sized material. Minerals (M) Activity/Task 1980
To investigate the metalliferous mud potential in the active volcanic arc and the back-arc basins of Vanuatu (Continued) Previous coring and sampling work for metalliferous sediments carried out on the North Fiji Basin on board the RV Kana Keoki resulted in recommendations for further geological and geophysical survey around the submarine volcanoes east of Epi and on the triple junction spreading centre of the North Fiji Basin. Minerals (M) Activity/Task 1982
To investigate the metalliferous mud potential in the active volcanic arc and the back-arc basins of Vanuatu (continued) For this activity, the objective was for further sampling of hydrothermal iron deposits associated with submarine volcanism of South East Epi. Further bathymetry / gravity / magnetic survey of the junction of spreading axis of the North Fiji Basin with the Hunter Ridge by Orstom was being planned as well. Minerals (M) Activity/Task 1983
Investigation of suitability of clay deposits for the manufacture of pottery, bricks or tiles (continued) Previous studies completed include the clay studies on Epi, Efate, Santo, Malekula, Pentecost, and Tanna. Further work was undertaken for the purpose of investigating possible occurrences of clays with potential as suitable new materials for the manufacture of ceramics such as bricks, tiles, clay pipes and so forth. Minerals (M) Study 1983
Complete assessment of samples collected during the 1983 clay resources study by the clay consultant In order to evaluate possible occurrences of raw materials for the manufacture of ceramics, samples were collected from a number of sites on six of the islands of the Republic of Vanuatu. These samples were examined mineralogically and chemically, and where possible, subjected to specialised tests to assess their ceramic suitability. Minerals (M) Study 1985