SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Country of American Samoa (71)

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Pacific Island Climate Update The Pacific Island Climate Update (ICU) project is implemented by SOPAC in collaboration with SPREP and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) and supported by NZAID. The main output of the ICU process is the publication of a monthly seasonal climate bulletin for the Pacific region with the primary goal of assisting Pacific island countries make informed planning and management decisions across a range of sectors through the provision of timely and accurate seasonal climate forecasts. The ICU bulletin is published by NIWA, previously both in print and online, and distributed to end users across the Pacific region. Since 2009, the print version has ceased in order to devote more resources to develop an improved online presence and accessibility. Uncategorised (UC) Bulletin/Newsletter 2010
International Tsunami Information Centre (ITIC) training on tsunami early warning and mitigation systems The Training and Capacity Building Team provided substantial support to improve disaster response coordination during the past year through developing standard operating procedures to support national and district emergency operation centres, a tsunami response plan, and in conjunction with other Pacific Platform partners, an inter-agency disaster simulation exercise which involved participants from nine Pacific island countries. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Training 2010
Pacific Water Association (PWA) Steering Committee meeting (continued) The second meeting of the PWA was held on 21 November 1997 in the multipurpose room of the SOPAC Secretariat, Suva, Fiji. The Fiji Cabinet approved the establishment of PWA in Fiji in October 1997. The second meeting of the Steering Committee was to develop the PWA as a legal entity and to plan the next Annual General Meeting. The concept of a PWA, to promote the interest of water utilities in the region. Water and Sanitation (WS) Meeting 1997
Regional Maritime Boundaries - Extended Continental Shelf (eCS), UNCLOS Article 76 Provide the necessary support to PICs to asses their potential for eCS. Assistance provided to those countries with potential to develop their respective eCS claim and ensure these are lodged in accordance with Art. 76 / SPLOS/183e by the prescribed deadline. Maintain support to those countries with claims to ensure their respective submissions are updated and complete and provide support to assist countries to defend their claims to the UNCLCS (Commission on Limits of the Continental Shelf) Maritime Boundaries (MB) Programme 2010
Assistance to Water and Sanitation Private Sector & Utilities Provide support as Interim Secretariat until the Pacific Region Water and Wastewater Utilities Association is fully operational. Water and Sanitation (WS) Technical Assistance 1998
PCGIAP Pacific Group Workshop Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the Pacific (PCGIAP) Pacific Group, conducted a Taskforce workshop for the oceania region - Pacific Island Countries in Suva, from Monday 22 to Thursday 25 March, 1999. The workshop proposed that SOPAC become the secretariat of the PCGIAP Pacific Group and PCGIAP fully supports the proposal. This Group was formed at the Suva workshop to address the unique and special needs of Pacific Island Countries in PCGIAP activities and to assist in the development of their National Spatial Data (or GIS) Infrastructures (NSDIs). Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Workshop 1999
EU (EDF 8/9) - SOPAC Vulnerability Reduction Project Mid-Term Review SOPAC EU Project EDF8 Mid-Term Review Meeting was a side-meeting of the SOPAC 34th Session, held 27 September 2005. The meeting of the Mid Term Review team, the participating Pacific ACP countries and the Secretariat took place at the Tusitala Kitano Hotel. It was also attended by observers American Samoa, Australia, Guam, New Caledonia and New Zealand. The meeting was chaired by Papua New Guinea as Chair of the SOPAC Governing Council. The Secretariat introduced the Mid Term Review team (MTR) for the European Union funded Project “Reducing Vulnerabilities of Pacific ACP States”. The MTR was represented by Brian Kouvelis who explained the review process and the recommendations that came out of it. He highlighted that whilst the review was for the EDF8 funding, it also paid attention to the future arrangements which necessarily included implementation for the EDF9 funding. Hazards (H) Meeting 2005
Sea-bed Investigations for Managanese Deposits in Samoan Oceanic Areas A Cruise by R/V Machias from 6 December to 24 December was undertaken as part of the CCOP/SOPAC Work Programme CCSP-1/WS-1, CCSP-1/WS-2 and CCSP-1/WS-4 to carry out a Samoa offshore survey by conducting sampling operations for manganese nodules, phosphorite and precious coral to to the south and west of the islands of Upolu and Savaii.. Altogether 39 sampling stations were occupied during the cruise period. The investigation concluded that there was no economic potential for manganese nodule deposits in the Samoan region. Cruises (C) Cruise 1979
Maritime Boundaries The Pacific Islands Regional Maritime Information System (PIRMBIS) has continued to be updated and maintained. PIRMBIS contains base line information from maps, and satellite imagery, as well as the computed critical basepoints, and the extrapolated notional maritime boundaries for American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, FSM, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Palau, RMI, Tokelau, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. Work over the last twelve months has included completion of critical base points and maritime limits, verification, GPS survey and data post processing, reef delineation and production of an updated Pacific EEZ map. Existing treaties have also been incorporated into PIRMBIS and updated as appropriate. Maritime Boundaries (MB) Activity/Task 2007
EEZ Bathymetric Maps To draw and publish the Bathymetric Map of EEZ's of Pacific Island Countries (18). For Niue, Drawing and Publishing of the Bathymetric Map of Niue - EEZ; Scale: 1:2 500 000. Bathymetry map of Marshall Islands - EEZ, Scale: 1:4 000 000. Suva: SOPAC. SOPAC Bathymetric Series Map 9. Bathymetric map of Guam - EEZ, Scale: 1:2 000 000. Suva: SOPAC. SOPAC Bathymetric Series Map 18. Coastal Processes (CP) Map/Chart 1995