SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Country of Australia (181)

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Basic geo-scientific marine research required for assessment of minerals and hydrocarbons in the South Pacific The purpose of the workshop was to review and update the Programme of Research which had been developed by the CCOP/ SOPAC - IOC Second- International Workshop on Geology, Mineral Resources and Geophysics of the South Pacific, held in Noumea, New Caledonia, in October 1980 (see IOC Workshop Report No. 27). The Workshop was the third of a series of Workshops developing programmes and projects for the benefits of the South Pacific countries: the first was held in Suva, in 1975, the second in Noumea, in 1980. It was held in Suva, Fiji from 3- 7 October 1983. Minerals and Hydrocarbons (MHC) Workshop 1983
37th session of the SOPAC Governing Council and it's Technical Advisory Group (TAG) The 37th annual session of SOPAC was held in Funafuti Tuvalu from 22nd - 30th October 2008. It's council sessions including the joint session with it's TAG were firstly held. Preceding this was the two day Scientific meeting of it's STAR. The STAR meeting was it's 25th with the theme "Environmental Change and Oceanic Islands - Especially with Respect to Managing Water Resources and Sanitation on Atolls." General (G) Meeting 2008
Pacific Ocean and Islands Priorities and Issues Advocacy and presentations of priorities and issues of SOPAC member countries to the following global forums: ISBA, UN-DOALOS, the UN Secretary Generals Report to the General Assembly on Oceans and Law of the Sea, and, IOC General Assembly and I-GOOS of UNESCO-IOC formally tabled. Maritime Boundaries (MB) Activity/Task 2003, 2004
3rd World Water Forum (K241WWF) The preparation for and the presentation of Pacific Water Issues and Actions at Kyoto 3WWF. Water and Sanitation (WS) Conference/Forum 2003
Bibliography of Geology and Geophysics of the Southwest Pacific The Technical Secretariat commented on the desirability of including Guam in the Bibliography of Geology and Geophysics of the Southwest Pacific, in preparation as a Technical Bulletin and the USA Adviser offered to provide a manuscript listing references for the entire Mid-Pacific Area as soon as possible. He undertook to investigate the possibility of editing and publishing this compilation as a US contribution to both CCOP/SOPAC and CCOP/EA. Data Management (DM) Report 1982
Marine geologic and geophysical investigations in the Solomon and Coral Seas Field operations were partly fulfilled by LDGO-Australian cruise in collaboration with ORSTOM on r.v. Vema January-February, 1977. Cruises (C) Survey 1977
South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project [Phase III] Support To assist in the collection and reduction of precise leveling data between the AusAID Project Sea Level recorders, benchmark arrays and CGPS receivers; assist in the training of survey staff in PIC partner countries and regional organisations, to undertake basic field procedures; collect or receive field equipment sent ahead of field parties and arrange necessary clearances; and, undertake extra duties which may include downloading/backing up survey data, charging batteries and checking and reducing leveling data. Coastal Processes (CP) Survey 2002
Preparatory Meeting for the Establishment of SOPAC (than CCOP/SOPAC) The preparatory meeting for establishing a co-ordinating body for offshore prospecting in countries of the South Pacific region was convened at Manila, Philippines from 17 to 21 July 1971. It was attended by representatives of Australia, Solomon Islands, Fiji, New Zealand, PNG and Tonga. Samoa (than Western Samoa) & Nauru were unable to attend this preparatory meeting but informed the meeting by letter that they wished to support the establishment of a coordinating body for offshore prospecting in the South Pacific. Cook Islands had expressed interest in becoming members of CCOP/SOPAC but were unable to send a representative to the First Session. The representative of the Condominium of the New Hebrides attended the meeting as an observer. In view of the inexperience of Pacific Island countries, hope was expressed that the ESCAFE Secretariat would give serious consideration to the establishment of a co-ordinating body for the South Pacific region, similar to the existing CCOP. General (G) Meeting 1971
SOPAC Water and Sanitation Program (1997 - 1999) In 1996, paper was submitted seeking Council's endorsement for SOPAC to continue its role as the regional agency for coordination of regional water and sanitation program over the next three years, 1997-1999. After much deliberation (considering SPREP, SPC, USP, and SOPAC) a panel of experts recommended that the regional agency with the responsibility for the UNDP Pacific Water and Sanitation Program should be SOPAC. This recommendation was accepted by the region and the Program began its first full year at SOPAC in 1995. The Program has been funded by UNDP from late 1994 and is due to end at the end of 1996. Water and Sanitation (WS) Proposal 1996
26th session of the SOPAC Governing Council and the 26th session of its Technical Advisory Group (TAG) The 26th session of SOPAC's Governing Council and its Technical Advisory Group was held in Nadi, Fiji and hosted by the Government of the Fiji Islands. The session was attended by members of the Commission was well as by the associate members of New Caledonia and Tahiti Niu. General (G) Meeting 1997