SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Country of Cook Islands (1453)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Development of Uniform Disaster/Risk Management Terminology To develop uniform terminology that is accepted by all stakeholders and integrated into DMU activities. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Activity/Task 2001, 2002
Regional Water Quality Programme Increased capacity of PIC Nationals in water quality monitoring. Water and Sanitation (WS) Activity/Task 2007
Review of Precious Coral in SOPAC Member Countries During the 1977 CCOP/SOPAC cruises in Western Samoa, Cook Islands and Tonga a few dredge hauls were made for deep water precious corals. The results of these cruises were negative but from the experience gained it was obvious that the Technical Secretariat, needed to know much more about precious corals, especially their distribution and the way they are collected.Initial interest of CCOP/SOPAC member countries was in the deep water precious corals. These are of much higher value than the shallow water ones and represent greater financial returns to each country if an industry based on them can be developed. Minerals (M) Technical Review 1978
SOPAC Data 2002 CD-ROM To update and distribute relevant GIS/Remote Sensing data as well as other relevant data to member countries and other organisations. SOPAC has a rich collection of data, which is now more and more in a digital form. SOPAC also collects data from various source and convert it in a standard regional format. SOPAC presents this data on its web site but also in the form of a CD-Rom, to distribute to all its member countries. Geographical Information Systems/Remote Sensing (GIS) Activity/Task 2002
Upgrade of Communications and Data Storage Improved Internet access, improved data storage and backup. Geographical Information Systems/Remote Sensing (GIS) Activity/Task 2005
Strengthening Regional Communication and Coordination in Disaster Management To strengthen existing levels of regional communication and coordination. Effective communication and coordination process amongst the disaster management stakeholders of the region is required by PDD for DMU to adopt a "Service Center Approach". In order to identify the current barriers to effective regional communication and coordination the DMU staff will visit all stakeholder countries, consult with the national stakeholders and develop plans for improvement. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Activity/Task 2001
Scholarship Scheme for UN Technical College Training Scheme In 1988, two scholarships were awarded, one to Mr K Babo from Kiribati (James Cook University) and a second to Mr A Utanga from Cook Islands (Canterbury University). Both performed satisfactorily in their end of year examinations, and, both universities agreed that the students be permitted to continue to second year in 1990.In 1989, Techsec in consultation with Kiribati and Cook Islands agreed to award scholarships to Mr Babo and Mr Utanga. In 1989 the Canadian Crown Agency, lCOD, also agreed to contribute funds to the Scholarship Scheme and this allowed Techsec to request all island member countries to submit a nominee for consideration. Human Resources Development (HRD) Training 1987
Coastal and Nearshore Mapping Techsec has put efforts in airphoto interpretation and ground thruth surveys in the Cook Islands and Tuvalu using high resoultion SPOT imaging in both Cook Islands and the Solomon islands. Coastal Processes (CP) Activity/Task 1986
Support to Member Countries in Information System Development Effective and efficient government operations in member countries. Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Activity/Task 2005
Pacific Hydrology Cycle Observing System (HYCOS) Capacity of Pacific island nationals increased in hydrological data acquisition, analysis and interpretation, for improved water resources management, catchment management and IWRM. Water and Sanitation (WS) Project 2009