SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Country of Fiji Islands (1980)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Field demonstration of vertical aerial photography capability western Viti Levu, Fiji The activity involved field demonstration of an aerial camera survey system which is presently under development at SOPAC Techsec as part of an AIDAB funded project to demonstrate, assess and purchase a low altitude aerial camera system for reef, lagoon and coastal mapping in the SOPAC region. The objective of the demonstration was to use existing techniques , equipment and personnel to develop the capability of SOPAC to conduct its own aerial photography surveys for member countries. The field demonstration was conducted on 30 May 1991 along parts of the western shoreline of Viti Levu, Fiji. Uncategorised (UC) Activity/Task 1991
Routine Corporate Publishing Publish Proceedings of annual meetings (council & technical meetings); Annual Report, SOPAC Projects, SOPAC Quarterly Gazette, various newsletters, and other corporate promotional material. Data Management (DM) Activity/Task 2002
Biofuel Project in Nacamaki, Koro, Fiji Islands A feasibility study on the utilization of locally produced coconut oil for fuel, soap, and oil-based consumer products was carried out in March 2007 in Koro Island. A second visit was held from 30 March - 2 April 2008. The feasibility study formed the basis for a proposal to the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, ACP-EU (CTA) for financial assistance in establishing a mini-mill in the village, combined with a biofuel generator and assistance in production of soap and oilbased consumer products as well as marketing of these products. Energy (E) Project 2008
Bibliography of Geology and Geophysics of the Southwest Pacific The Technical Secretariat commented on the desirability of including Guam in the Bibliography of Geology and Geophysics of the Southwest Pacific, in preparation as a Technical Bulletin and the USA Adviser offered to provide a manuscript listing references for the entire Mid-Pacific Area as soon as possible. He undertook to investigate the possibility of editing and publishing this compilation as a US contribution to both CCOP/SOPAC and CCOP/EA. Data Management (DM) Report 1982
Pacific Exploration and Technology in the Region A report outlining technological trends in mineral exploration relevant to mineral development in the Pacific - FJ, PNG, SI, VU. Minerals (M) Activity/Task 2003
Disaster Risk Management training programmes institutionalised within the region Accredited training programme developed in partnership with USP. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Activity/Task 2007
Pacific Science Inter-Congress In response to the 1995 TAG recommendation, SOPAC convened a Mining Section (two days of papers plus a field visit to Vatukoula) during the Pacific Science Inter-Congress held 13-19 July 1997 at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. Minerals (M) Meeting 1997
Establish and Maintain a Regional Deep-sea Minerals Database To use Japan International Cooperation Assistance [JICA] technical assistance to develop and expand the deep-sea mineral database for SOPAC member countries. Mineral (M) Activity/Task 2002
National disaster management arrangements reviewed and institutional strengthening plans adopted in member countries National disaster management arrangements reviewed and institutional strengthening plans developed as part of the Pacific partnership network initiative to support national action plan priorities. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Activity/Task 2007
Global EVI completed and promoted and the capacity to use the tool strengthened in member countries Expert think tank discussions and Pacific EVI capacity building workshop conducted and Global EVI completion and presentation at Mauritius. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Activity/Task 2005