SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Country of Kiribati (1597)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Promotion and Technology Transfer (continued) Informed technical staff in member countries. Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Activity/Task 2003, 2004
Search for manganese nodules in the Central Pacific Basin To clarify the distribution , physical and chemical properties and genesis of manganese nodules in the north equatorial Pacific Ocean.The proposal for this project was defined in regard to the investigations in this area undertaken by the Geological Survey of Japan. Cruises (C) Cruise 1979
AIT Database Information - ADB countries Consultancy service was provided to the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) for the preparation of energy data, indicators and statics reports for the following countries: Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Samoa, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea. A copy of the individual country statistics and general overview report was sent to member countries. Energy (E) Activity/Task 1999
Workshops for Coastal Management & Geohazards Program Continuing to run workshops, to provide the opportunity for individuals involved with coastal and hazard management to keep member country individuals informed about latest developments, establish member country requirements, and wherever appropriate recommending to the Governing Council actions which would assist member countries achieve their development goals. 1) Commenced organisation and co-ordination with IAVCEI-WOVO to hold a Workshop. 2) SOPAC staff participated in the ICRI Pacific Regional Workshop in November and a workshop organised by SPREP to develop national campaign plans for the International Year of the Coral Reef in July 1997. 3) SOPAC was represented at the FAO workshop. 4) SOPAC was represented and presented a paper at the conference. 5) SOPAC was represented at the Pacific Basin Coastal Zone Management Meeting held in Pagopago. Coastal Processes (CP) Workshop 1996
Regional Meeting to Establish the Pacific Water Association At the request of the Governing Council in 1994, the Secretariat collaborated with the Pacific Power Association for the setting up of a Pacific Water Association. The meeting made a number of resolutions strongly supporting the establishment of an Association within twelve months from July 1995. The meeting coincided with an Australian Water Sector Trade Display which brought ten of the member countries' water utility representatives to Apia. The remaining countries were either funded or part funded by SOPAC, (Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Fiji, Cook Islands), US funds or made their own arrangements. Water and Sanitation (WS) Meeting 1995
CCOP/SOPAC Tripartite Cruise II Programme - Cobalt Potential Investigation in Manganese Crusts from Guyouts and Ridges of the South West Pacific U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), a cruise of the Cruises Moana Wave under the Tripartite II Programme - studied cobalt crust potential areas of Tuvalu ad the Gilbert Isands and Pheonix Islands groups in Kiribati. The Tui also operating undert he Tirpartite II Programme, searched for crusts in areas of the Manihiki Plateau and Niue. During Leg 5 fo the Jean Carcot Cruise, several seamonts were discovered enroute from Tonga to Tahiti, 51 new seamounts in the SOPAC region noted from satellite data. Minerals and Hydrocarbons (MHC) Study 1984
Training and Technical Assistance PIC Nationals better informed with increased capacity to manage their energy sectors. Energy (E) Technical Assistance 2007
Public Education and Awareness An ongoing activity that aims to educate the Pacific audience on appropriate or best practices in the sectors within SOPAC’s mandate. Also monitors feedback on the use of information produced, compiled and/or distributed by SOPAC. Products are usually press releases, information notes, and special-publications/resource materials. Activities are usually funded under special grants. Uncategorised (UC) Activity/Task 2000
Gender, Energy and Sustainable Development The reestablishment of rural energy programmes in to the SOPAC work plan post the PREFACE programme at SPC and the successful transfer of relevant components of the PREFACE programme. Energy (E) Activity/Task 2005, 2006
Pacific Power Association (PPA) Annual Conference Participation at the PPA Annual Conference. Presentation prepared and delivered. Energy (E) Conference/Forum 2008