SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Country of Marshall Islands (1246)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Regional Maritime Boundaries Project – EEZ PIC acknowledge, gazette and ultimately deposit their updated maritime boundary data in accordance with UNCLOS (all PICs except the US Territories are signatories to the Convention). PIC enter into negotiations on shared boundaries and develop treaties where appropriate data exists to support this process. Maritime Boundaries (MB) Project 2009
SOPAC Ocean Information Database Maintained database of physical oceanographic data and information from surveys undertaken by SOPAC on all projects. Data and information products readily available, upon request - All PICs. Coastal Processes (CP) Activity/Task 2006
Water Demand Management Local capacity of water utility improved on WDM through equipment and training provided to Cook Islands, FSM, Marshall Islands, Niue, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Water and Sanitation (WS) Activity/Task 2010
ACP/EU Natural Disaster Facility – Support for National Action Plans The Secretariat finalised and signed a Contribution Agreement with the ACP Secretariat in Brussels and the EU Pacific Delegation in April 2009 to facilitate funding and technical support for the development and implementation of DRM National Action Plans (NAPs) and related capacity building activities for the 14 Pacific ACP States. The total value of support for the Pacific under the Facility is €1.868 million over 4 years. The Natural Disaster Facility will also support on-going implementation work for the Pacific Disaster Net DRM (Disaster Risk Reduction) web information portal. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Policy and Governance 2010
Regional Training Workshops on Accessing and Using Data and Products from International GOOS Programmes. MoU signed between Japan [JAMSTEC] and SOPAC to conduct training in accessing and using ocean observation data for three years commencing October 2003. Two regional training workshops [Introductory and Advanced] for up to twenty PIC nationals conducted. Training materials developed and available. Coastal Processes (CP) Training 2004
Energy, Water, Wastewater, Sanitation, Hygiene, Information and Communication Technologies Awareness campaigns or similar activities run in at least two of the following sectors (energy, water, wastewater, sanitation, hygiene and, information and communication technologies) and within two countries per year. Uncategorised (UC) Activity/Task 2006
USP 2002 Lecturing on Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources To assist Regional Students by providing proper teaching aid. Water and Sanitation (WS) Activity/Task 2002
Aggregate and Management Strategies To develop aggregate management and extraction strategies for key areas. Assist member countries to manage their limited resources effectively by assessing, promoting development and sustainable extraction of sand and aggregate resources. Unsustainable extraction of aggregates may contribute to shoreline erosion thus there is a great concern in finding alternative sources of construction materials. Aggregates (A) Policy and Governance 1995
Technical Assistance on the Energy Supply and Demand Database Energy database available for planning and project design in selected member countries. Provide specific in-country support in sourcing and populating the national databases, production of national energy statistics year books, and consolidating the regional database. Energy (E) Activity/Task 2008
Coastal Survey Equipment to Support Work Programs To maintain equipment data inventory to undertake required work program tasks. To facilitate SOPAC’s Work Program an extensive inventory of equipment is available to undertake coastal and nearshore surveys applicable to the Work Program. In many instances replacement tools, upgrades or new tools for new program activities are required from time to time and therefore must be budgeted for. Coastal Processes (CP) Equipment 2000