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SOPAC Compendium Project
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Listing Projects - Country of New Caledonia (238)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Detrital Minerals - Discovery of Rare Earth Elements (Platinum Group) TAG was informed by the New Caledonia advisor of recent discovery of rare earth elements in an alluvial deposit along the East coast of New Caledonia. The geological environment is that of an upthrust ophiolite complex composed of dunite and harzburgite. Minerals (M) Activity/Task 1989
Regional Communications and Data Transfer Providing member countries with timely and accurate data through a cost effective and reliable communications network. a) Mail has been upgraded to Microsoft Mail at the Secretariat which will provide consistency within member countries. b) The most important activity in improving communication systems between the Secretariat and member countries has been the securing of funds from the United States, to provide a PEACESAT 3 metre terminal at the Secretariat. This will provide access to the Secretariat by member countries with PEACESAT terminals for voice and data. c) The Secretariat has published a SOPAC World Wide Web Home Page which is available through PEACESAT Headquarters at the University of Hawaii under "sites home pages" at Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Activity/Task 1994
Regional Meeting to Establish the Pacific Water Association At the request of the Governing Council in 1994, the Secretariat collaborated with the Pacific Power Association for the setting up of a Pacific Water Association. The meeting made a number of resolutions strongly supporting the establishment of an Association within twelve months from July 1995. The meeting coincided with an Australian Water Sector Trade Display which brought ten of the member countries' water utility representatives to Apia. The remaining countries were either funded or part funded by SOPAC, (Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Fiji, Cook Islands), US funds or made their own arrangements. Water and Sanitation (WS) Meeting 1995
WHP Section P21, Trans-Pacific Physical Oceanographic Cross-Section R/V Melville (USA), 27 March - 24 June, 1994 for WOCE, WHP Section Line P21 in waters of Peru, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Australia. The object of this cruise was to occupy a series of CTD/O2 (Conductivity-Temperature- Depth-Oxygen) stations approximately along 17°S from the continental shelf of Peru to the continental shelf of Australia, with an intermediate port stop in Tahiti. Uncategorised (UC) Cruise 1994
SOPAC-OIC Hydrocarbon Legislation and Policy Workshop Workshop on Hydrocarbon Legislation and Policy for SOPAC Member Countries was held at Port Vila, Vanuatu, on 13-17 July 1992. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together geoscientist and the legal profession to exchange ideas and experiences on the necessary frameworks and procedures to be developed before governments and oil companies can embark on oil exploration. Minerals and Hydrocarbons (MHC) Workshop 1992
Wave Databases Maintenance Maintain the wave databases at the SOPAC Secretariat, and pass on data and information as required. Energy (E) Activity/Task 1996
Koniambo Project - Marine Geophysical Survey SOPAC conducted a multibeam bathymetric and single-channel seismic survey of the seabed from reef edge to a depth of approximately 300m for the purpose of evaluating the feasibility of a deep sea tailing placement for the Koniambo nickel project, New Caledonia, in September 1999. The zone of interest extends for about 15km along the shoreline. Coastal Processes (CP) Project 1999
Disaster risk management regional framework Disaster risk management regional framework developed by 2005 and national action plans to support mainstreaming developed in 80% of member countries by 2009. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Activity/Task 2006
CCOP/SOPAC-IOC, IDOE International workshop on geology, mineral resources and geophysics of the South Pacific The IDOE workshop was jointly convened by CCOP/ SOPAC and IOC. The work programme mandate was focused on: (1) regional geology and tectonic framework of oceanic island and arc continental margins of the South- West Pacific & (2) manganese nodule deposits, hot brines & metalliferous sediments in the South- west Pacific. The express purpose of the workshop was to develop a programme of scientific research and to define goals, formulate research projects and make recommendations for implementation and coordination. The programme lead to a regional synthesis and to a greatly increased knowledge of the resource potential of the South Pacific region. The meeting was held in Suva, Fiji from 1- 6 September 1975. Minerals & Hydrocarbon (MHC) Workshop 1975
Coastal Mapping Workshop The 1993 Coastal Mapping Workshop was held at the Centre de Developpment Pedagogique, Touho in the Northern Province of New Caledonia from 21 July to 3 August 1993. Previous workshops have been held on both coral atolls and high volcanic islands and the 1993 Workshop continued with the volcanic island theme although stressing mapping techniques useful for coastal environment studies in all areas of coastal development. The Workshop was attended by 14 participants from eleven island member countries. Base maps were compiled for the 1993 Coastal Mapping Workshop. Coastal Processes (CP) Workshop 1993