SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Country of Papua New Guinea (1364)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Geospatial Content Management Server/MapServer The Geospatial Content Management Server (GeoCMS) installed as part of the EDF8&9 projects remain up to date and functional in Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Tonga. However for Niue and Vanuatu the Mapserver is only accessible in-country; for the Marshalls and FSM indications are they both have software problems requiring the re-installation of mandriva and tikiwiki (down since early 2009); for Fiji and Palau the requirement for a new UPS; for Tuvalu, Niue and the Marshall Islands a software installation problem and for Samoa the Internet bandwidth cost is prohibitive (down since 2006). Geographical Information Systems/Remote Sensing (GIS) Activity/Task 2009
USP 2002 Lecturing on Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources To assist Regional Students by providing proper teaching aid. Water and Sanitation (WS) Activity/Task 2002
Joint Ocean/Wave Energy Project The progressive update on Ocean/Wave Energy developments in the region. Energy (E) Activity/Task 2003
Development of Uniform Disaster/Risk Management Terminology To develop uniform terminology that is accepted by all stakeholders and integrated into DMU activities. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Activity/Task 2001, 2002
Interactive Graphical Ocean Database System (continued) To implement and maintain an interactive graphical Ocean database for CTD and ADCP profile data. Coastal Processes (CP) Activity/Task 2002
Regional Co-ordination of Marine Scientific Research and Retrieval of Offshore Data A status report on past, current and proposed marine scientific research cruises in the Pacific Region - all PICs. Ongoing coordination, planning and advice - All PICs; Regional Marine Scientific Research Database designed, developed and maintained; Maps, GIS coverage of data and information of marine geoscience data collected during research cruises conducted in the SOPAC Region, with at least two national counterparts trained in the maintenance of the Regional Marine Scientific Research Database; Rescue of geophysical and other data and information of previous marine scientific research cruises conducted in the Pacific Islands Region; Interpretive map products for ocean resource managers and users - Regional. Maritime Boundaries (MB) Activity/Task 2005
Earth Science and Marine Geology Training Programme A six week training course entitled Earth Resources Mapping was held at the Institute of Marine Resources, University of the South Pacific from January 7 to February 15, 1985, as part of the Earth Science and Marine Geology Training Programme being organised by CCOP/SOPAC, and run jointly by the University of the South Pacific and Victoria University of Wellington. Human Resources Development (HRD) Training 1985
Mapping - Offshore seabed mapping To produce maps of the offshore areas of member countries EEZ's showing the shape and nature of seabed, and other information relevant to the use of resource development Coastal Processes (CP) Map/Chart 1987
Regional Maritime Boundaries Project – EEZ PIC acknowledge, gazette and ultimately deposit their updated maritime boundary data in accordance with UNCLOS (all PICs except the US Territories are signatories to the Convention). PIC enter into negotiations on shared boundaries and develop treaties where appropriate data exists to support this process. Maritime Boundaries (MB) Project 2009
Development of a Maritime Boundaries Program (continued) To secure funds for enabling the effective implementation of the maritime boundaries project, transferred from the Forum Fisheries Agency [FFA] to SOPAC in 2000. Maritime Boundaries (MB) Activity/Task 2001