SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Country of Solomon Islands (1468)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Project (PIREP) Since PIEPSAP was winding up in September 2008, PIGGAREP has undertaken to take on board a number of renewable energy projects initiated under the PIEPSAP project. Energy (E) Project 2007
Support to Member Countries in Information System Development Effective and efficient government operations in member countries. Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Activity/Task 2006
CROP and Other Regional Working Group Mechanisms SOPAC participated actively in the Energy, ICT and the Sustainable Development Working Groups, of particular interest are the inter-linkages being developed through the SD-WG in regard to energy and climate and the work towards the re-establishment of the Climate Change Round Table as well as the updating of the climate change database. SOPAC continues its role as Chair for the Energy Working Group. General (G) Network 2007
Pacific Disaster Risk Management (Training) Programme (PDRMP) The following course were conducted in the period from June 2009 to May 2010: Introduction to Disaster Management (2) , Initial Damage Assessment (5), Emergency Operation Centres (7) and Training for Instructors ( 1) . An important addition to the suite of TAF/ OFDA courses is a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) course which is undergoing design and development. This DRR course reflects a need for a paradigm shift within the Pacific from an emphasis on disaster management to a greater focus on risk reduction. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Training 2010
Awareness, Community Participation and Gender and Pacific WASH Coalition Provision to member countries of a campaign strategy for World Water Day with activities, publication material, articles for newspapers and financial support for advertising incountry. Coordination and facilitation of Pacific WASH Coalition Water and Sanitation (WS) Activity/Task 2010
The Request for continued CCOP/SOPAC Assistance. The Solomon Islands representative informed TAG that Solomon Islands Geological Survey has no marine geology capability so would rely on CCOP/SOPAC for continued support. General (G) Meeting 1984
31st session of the SOPAC Governing Council and it's Technical Advisory Group (TAG) The 31st Session of the SOPAC Governing Council and it's Technical Advisory Group (TAG) was hosted by the Government of the Republic of Nauru but held in Suva, Fiji. The meeting was attended by members of the Commission, Donor Agencies; Observers and representatives of the various CROP agencies. Guam was not represented at the meeting. General (G) Meeting 2002
Energy Policy Statements To determine the level of assistance that might be required by memeber countries in the development and establishing a national energy policy statements, that will help in guiding government's in the planning and management of their energy sectors. Policy work is now been addressed by the PIEPSAP Project. Various assessments of the national energy sectors with in member countries has identified the absence of national energy policy statements and guidelines, and that this is one of the major constraints to the effective planning and management of their national energy sectors. This project was initiated in 1993/94 and member countries are now at different levels of progress with the development and adoption of their energy sector policies. The project is to provide on-going, in-country technical assistance as required to those countries that have not yet adopted their national energy policy statements and also to those that require their current policies to be reviewed. Energy (E) Policy and Governance 2000
Water Resources and Sanitation Program To advise and assist member countries assess their portable water resources and to develop and maintain water supplies and environmentally sustainable waste disposal systems Water and Sanitation (WS) Project 1994
Support for Comprehensive Hazard and Risk Management (CHARM) Enhanced technical support and input to the development and delivery of CHARM, and awareness of the outcomes of hazard and risk assessment programs raised in member countries, the Pacific region and the international community. Attendance and presentations at local, regional, and international conferences, workshops and venues to raise awareness, promote results of projects, and develop collaborative ventures, as listed below. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Activity/Task 2001