SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

Listing Projects - Country of Tonga (1653)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Review of the SOPAC Component of the EU Lome III Funded Pacific Regional Mineral Resources Program TAG was informed of the positive review of the SOPAC component of the EU Lome III funded Pacific Regional Mineral Resources Program which included the SOPACMAPS seabed mapping program in waters of Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tuvalu. Minerals (M) Technical Review 1995
Offshore Mineral Policy Workshop A primary goal of the Offshore Mineral Policy Workshop was to comment on and give international expert input into the Greenpaper on Offshore Mining Policy (Greenpaper) that had been developed by the PNG government inter-agency committee. Through daily presentations and working group meetings covering all major issues concerning offshore mining a revised Greenpaper was finalised at the end of the week. Recommendations put forward by the workshop were also agreed to.. Mineral (M) Workshop 1999
Routine Corporate Publishing Publish Proceedings of annual meetings (council & technical meetings); Annual Report, SOPAC Projects, SOPAC Quarterly Gazette, various newsletters, and other corporate promotional material. Data Management (DM) Activity/Task 2002
Water Education and Awareness for Schools Provision to member countries and interested parties of a Pacific Freshwater Education Kit containing 15 Factsheets, 30 Activity Sheets and a Teachers guide addressing issues relating to water and sanitation. Water and Sanitation (WS) Activity/Task 2003
Geological Field Trip to Tonga The trip ( 1 - 10 March, 1982) was undertaken as part of the CCOP/SOPAC-Tripartite (Australia, New Zealand and USA) program in connection with the R/V SoP. LEE geophysical-geological survey over the southern part of the Tonga Platform. The objectives were (1) to inspect the oil seepages on Tongatapu and collect samples and (2) to inspect the geological outcrops on 'Eua Island and collect rock samples. Minerals and Hydrocarbons (MHC) Assessment 1982
Comprehensive Hazard and Risk Management (CHARM) Programming To build capacity in all client countries enabling disaster managers and planners to formulate and implement comprehensive hazard and risk management programs to enhance sustainable development planning. Pacific island countries are exposed to increasing vulnerability arising from societal changes wrought through development programs and the widening range of hazards. The important risks threatening sustainable development need to be identified and properly managed as island systems have narrow resource bases hence quickly vulnerable to mismanagement. The established Pacific Cities program forms a subset of CHARM, which is focused particularly on the densely-settles urban areas of the Pacific islands. Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Programme 2001
Petroleum Possibilities in Tonga Following the recognition of oil seepages on Euar and Tongatapu Islands of the Tonga group, Grover (1968) drew attention to the analogy between the Lau Archipelago and its southerly extension, the Lau Ridge. Assuming that hydrocarbons were generated in sediments on the floor and slope of the Lau Basin, migration would have been towards the the ridges bounding the basin on its eastern and western sides, which might account for the presence of the oil seepages found in the Tonga group. Minerals and Hydrocarbons (MHC) Report 1972
39th Session of the Governing Council of SOPAC and the 39th Session of its Technical Advisory Group (TAG) The Thirty-ninth Annual Session of the Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC ) was held in Nadi, Fiji Islands, from 19th October to 22nd October 2010. It’s Council Sessions including the joint session with its Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and the preceding two-day scientific meeting of its Science Technology and Resource Network (STAR) were all held at the Tanoa International Hotel, Nadi. The STAR Meeting was its 27th with the theme “Pacific Geoscience – Towards 2020 in the Face of Dwindling Global Natural Resources”. General (G) Meeting 2010
Task Profile Database Review and Upgrade the Task Profile Database to be more effective as a planning tool for member countries SOPAC work program. Data Management (DM) Project 2000
Offshore Minerals - Metalliferous sediments To locate and evaluate the mineral potential of metalliferous sediment deposits in member countries EEZ Minerals and Hydrocarbons (MHC) Activity/Task 1987