SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
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Listing Projects - Country of Vanuatu (1589)

TitleDescriptionCategoryTypeProject Year
Maritime boundaries training At the 37th SOPAC session meeting held in Tuvalu 2008. Kiribati acknowledged the efforts of the Secretariate, with support from Ausaid in providing training and development of submissions concerning maritime boundaries. Stressed that these issues are critical to Pacific Island Countries not only in terms of managing mineral and fisheries resources but also in terms of determining EEZ and ECS territorial areas. Kiribati further touched on the issue of international momentum that was picking up and stressed its position on the need to pursue this opportunity. Seabed mining is an important issue for Kiribati given its vast marine area and there was great potential in this area, if appropriate technical research and advice was provided from SOPAC. Human Resources Development (HRD) Training 2008
Regional and EEZ Bathymetric Mapping Regional and EEZ bathymetric mapping - data from the SOPAC maps project will be used to carry out preliminary map production. Coastal Processes (CP) Map/Chart 1994
Vanuatu Minerals Database Minerals Database Minerals (M) Project 1996
Training by the Australian Industry Training Committee Limited (ADITC) Since 1992, ADITC has provided training to drillers assistants, drillers and drill supervisors, with the objective of increasing the level of knowledge and skills to enable more efficient utilization of available equipment, finances and the resource. Uncategorised (UC) Training 1994
Pacific Drinking Water Safety Planning The Pacific Drinking Water Safety Planning (WSP) Programme is a joint initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and SOPAC. It focuses on promoting a risk management approach for the provision of safe water supply in Pacific Island Countries through piloting Water Safety Plans in four countries (Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Islands and Palau). The programme is funded under AusAID’s Water Quality Initiative and is implemented by SOPAC and WHO. Water and Sanitation (WS) Activity/Task 2009
Bibliography of Geology and Geophysics of the Southwest Pacific The Technical Secretariat commented on the desirability of including Guam in the Bibliography of Geology and Geophysics of the Southwest Pacific, in preparation as a Technical Bulletin and the USA Adviser offered to provide a manuscript listing references for the entire Mid-Pacific Area as soon as possible. He undertook to investigate the possibility of editing and publishing this compilation as a US contribution to both CCOP/SOPAC and CCOP/EA. Data Management (DM) Report 1982
Baseline studies for Coastal Development Programme Study of the coastal erosion at Mele Bay, Efate by setting up beach profiles to monitor the beach environment and to collect baseline data to compare to future data Coastal Processes (CP) Study 1990
Regional Minerals Exploration Program Continue to seek the integration of all existing information on geology and known mineral occurrences to include in the minerals database. Offer advice to member countries with the assistance of agencies such as UNCTAD to organise training courses on policy issues including negotiations with the private sector. Minerals (M) Activity/Task 1997
SOPAC Water Sector Strategy The provision of support in water and sanitation to the Pacific Island Countries requires a strategic approach covering the areas of water resources assessment and management; water supply and wastewater management; and water governance and awareness. Water and Sanitation (WS) Activity/Task 2006
Regional Marine Minerals Policy Workshop The SOPAC Marine Minerals Policy Workshop was held at the Hotel Santo, Luganville, Vanuatu from 16-20 September 1991, immediately prior to the SOPAC Annual Session. 23 participants attended from 11 island member countries of SOPAC, together with fourteen from other institutions and agencies. Minerals (M) Policy and Governance 1991