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GIS and Remote Sensing Implementation, Kosrae - Phase 1 & II

During an 18 month project for the development of a shoreline management plan for the Government of Kosrae, a significant amount of geographical and special information was identified as being held within the governmental departments on Kosrae and within private and off-island organizations. Under the project considerable effort was made to collate all these information and so it was timely to create a suitable system for storage of these data and its use in future decision making for the Kosrae State Government. The Kosrae Information System was created with the objective of providing Geographic Information System (GIS) based information which would bring together most of the geographical data held in the various governmental departments and possibility private utilities on Kosrae in an efficient accessible format. Further to this, phase II was initiated where the Kosrae Information System was enhanced through the provision of remote sensing system that would bring together much of the geographical data held in the various governmental departments. The acquisition of satellite images would allow the creation of new data sets for infrastructure, vegetation and reef.

KeywordsGIS; Remote Sensing; Kosrae Information Management System

Federated States of Micronesia

Project Year2000Proposed Year1999
Primary CategoryGeographical Information Systems/Remote Sensing (GIS)Secondary Category
Activity TypeTechnical AssistanceSession28/03/FM
Start Date2000End Date2001

Documents and Reports (4)
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Proposal to implement the Kosrae State, Environmental Protection Agency Geographic Information System (KEPA-IS) Leslie Allinson Open
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