SOPAC Compendium Project
SOPAC Compendium Project
Digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of CCOP/SOPAC from 1972 to 2010

To explore for and evaluate the potential of possible metalliferous sediments in basins where there is known high heat flow or nearby volcanic activity

The proposal was made in 7th session and in initiated by Proc.8th session. Metalliferous sediments of submarine hydrothermal origin was been reported in the island arc complexes and their associated marginal seas. The greatest potential for ore-grade enrichment was in the enclosed basins with ponded sediments where heat flow values were high, or in areas where there was volcanic activity. The economic target were of potential assessment of mettiferous sediments in offshore areas. The primary function of the PNG Department of Minerals were to promote mineral and petroleum prospecting in onshore and offshore areas.

Project OutputThe work completed by Machias cruise PN-79(1): was that samples from Manus and south New Ireland Basin have no significant metalliferous enrichment.
KeywordsMetalliferous, sediments, basins

Papua New Guinea

Project Year1980Proposed Year1978
Primary CategoryMinerals (M)Secondary Category
Activity TypeAssessmentSession09/08/PG
Start Date1979ScopeNational
Partner OrganisationUNDPPartner AssistancePNG Department of Minerals and Development Policy

Documents and Reports (3)
Proceedings of the ninth session, Tarawa, Kiribati, 20-28 October 1980, including report of the ninth session of its technical advisory group, the CCOP/SOPAC work programme, J V Eade (Compiler) Open
Cruise Report 25, Papua New Guinea Offshore Survey, 10-26 March 1979. J V Eade Open
Metalliferous sediments in the CCOP/SOPAC region of the Southwest Pacific with particular reference to geochemical exploration for the deposits. D S Cronan Open