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SOPAC Compendium Project
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Energy Mission to Tonga

This mission was programmed as part of the 2003 Community Lifelines Work Programme. SOPAC with its attempt to provide invaluable assistance and address member country needs has taken a programmatic approach in its work programming with closer collaboration with the respective sectors in the member countries.

Project OutputSOPAC Trip Report 315
Keywordstonga, energy, visit, mission


Project Year2003Proposed Year2003
Primary CategoryEnergy (E)Secondary Category
Activity TypeActivity/TaskSession32/08/TO
Start Date2003End Date2003
ScopeNationalPartner OrganisationSOPAC
Partner Assistancetechnical support & expertise

Documents and Reports (2)
Energy mission to American Samoa, Tonga and Samoa, 19-30 May 2003 Rupeni Mario Open
Energy mission to Tonga, 07-11 April 2003 Rupeni Mario Open